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Introduction to Sociology: This course provides an overview of sociology as a discipline, including focus on sociological concepts, methods, and perspectives. This course aims to enable students to view society in a new way…a sociological way.

Sociology of Race: This course requires students to think critically and sociologically about the social construction of race in society. In this course, race is not viewed in isolation.  Students use their “sociological imagination” to analyze the interconnectedness of race, ethnicity, gender, social class, etc. Students critically examine their beliefs and perceptions of the racialized world.

Sociology of Hip-Hop Culture: This course examines the formation, growth, and current state of hip-hop culture through a sociological lens. This is not a music appreciation course, but a space for students to critically analyze hip-hop culture and the societal structures and forces that influence the culture, as well as how hip-hop influences world culture at large.

Sociology of Education: This course focuses on schools and education in a global context.  We examine patterns of inequality, access to resources, teacher training, socioeconomic status, school reform efforts, educational policy, and a host of other educational issues.

Social Research Methods (Medical School Course): This course introduces first-year medical students to social science research methods. Students learn about the ways social scientists gather information in the study of our social world, how to do sociological research, and how to evaluate the research of others.

Additional Teaching Interests

  • The School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • International Applied Sociology
  • Photovoice and Participatory Community Research
  • Race and the Criminal Justice System
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Sociology through Photography
  • Youth, Schools, & Popular Culture